This dedicated effort has been in the works for several years. It's concept was conceived by a gentleman that has been on the forefront of liberty for over fifty years, Mr. Jesse Epps. From 1964-1968 Jesse was an advisor to President Lyndon B. Johnson's White House.

     Jesse is formerly educated in labor relations at Syracuse, Rutgers, and Cornell Universities and has spent the last 40 years fighting for and defending the rights and conditions of all working men and women.  To that end he founded NUAF; Neighbors Uniting American Families.

     This organization is not a union in the sense of labor relations. It is akin to what AARP is to retired Americans. NUAF brings together all Americans regardless of what labels have been used to describe them with the mission of returning to the values of "We the People" as handed down by our forefathers.

     This unwavering vision has been joined by groups from every faction because of their recognition of the need to return to these values.

     The following list is a small sample of the organizations that have endorsed this effort:
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State of Tennessee House of Representatives
Memphis County Government
Memphis City Council
National Black Caucus of State Legislatures
Ministerial Alliance
Church of God in Christ
The Seven Day Adventist Church
United Methodist Church
The African Methodist Episcopal Church
Roman Catholic Diocese of Philadelphia
Skills USA
Communications Workers of America (CWA)
New Jersey General Assembly
Communications Union of Needle Traders Industrial and Textile Employees
American Federation of Labor Congress of Industrial Organizations
Philadelphia, PA  AFL-CIO
Philip Randolph Institute
The Heritage Foundation
National Black Leadership Roundtable
The New Jersey State Assembly by proclamation endorses NUAF!
The Tennessee State House of Representatives, by proclamation endorses NUAF!
The Shelby County Mayor and government proclaims their endorsement of NUAF!
The Memphis Tennessee City Council endorses NUAF!
The Washington Faith Based Summit endorses NUAF!
United States Senator supports NUAF!
City Council of Camden, New Jersey endorses NUAF!
Willington endorses NUAF!
Beryl Wolk endorses NUAF!
Joyce Barrie and Friends Radio Show endorses NUAF!

Mr. Len Kaine President of the Golden Rule Society endorses NUAF!